How do you check your i-140 status form?

What is the form i-140 ? Who is eligible to apply for the i140 status form?

The i140 form, also officially known as the ‘Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers’, is the petition form filed by a prospective employer on behalf of an individual from another country (also known as alien) who wants to work in the United States. The i140 form, also officially known as the ‘Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers’, is the petition form filed by a prospective employer on behalf of an individual from another country (also known as alien) who wants to work in the United States. Once you start looking for an employment based Visa, go ahead and submit this form to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The employer has to provide this application if want to have this immigrant worker work for them. They could do this for any number of reasons, because the worker is filling the need to fulfill certain tasks or abilities that are not present in the hiring pool at the moment. On some occasions, the worker can file for i140 status on his own but in the majority of the cases the above is true.

Eligibility Criteria for the i-140

Eligibility criteria to apply for the i140 status form:

  • All alien workers who want to come to the US to work under any employer are eligible to apply for the i140 form.
  • Alien workers with amazing abilities, a focused training or experience in careers that are not common, having advanced degrees who can contribute to the national economy of the United States and be beneficial for the welfare of the country are also the ones eligible to apply for this form. 
  • Workers with exceptional ability in the field of Artistic merit, Athletic excellence, education, scientific exploration, and business affairs. These people who are often considered the best of the best, who have been recognized nationally or internationally in their chosen paths can file a petition through I – 140 to work in the United States. 
  • In both second and third scenarios, the worker is eligible to file a petition on his own without an employer.

What are the benefits of obtaining the approval of the i-140 form:

There are certain benefits that come along when the beneficiaries have approval on their i-140 petition form: 

  • The person with an i-140 that has be accepted can apply for an indefinite 3 year H1b visa extension.
  • The applicant is eligible to apply for adjustment of status or green card by filing i-485 (Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status), and switch to a new sponsoring employer as long as the position they hold is in the same or similar field as mentioned in the i140 immigrant visa petition. 
  • Once the approval for the form i-140 comes, the individual can also obtain an employment authorization document (EAD) if necessary.

Now that we have covered the eligibility criteria and various benefits that you are entitled to on approval of the i-140 form, let’s get into the details for the processing method and other crucial aspects involved in the application of the i140 status form.

What is the cost of the i-140 form? Where can you file the form?

Like any other applications, i140 also requires an application fee to complete and submit. The filing fee for the i140 form is $700 USD. You can either pay by personal check, money order, or by credit card issued by the US bank. 

If you want to make payment by credit card you need to fill out the G-1450 form which is an Authorization for Credit Card Transactions. You will have to complete the G-1450 form and attach it on top of your i-140 status application; then mail it to the ‘Lockbox facility’ as mentioned in the ‘Where to File’ part of the form you are filling. 

Once USCIS receives your payment, the G-1450 containing your credit card information is destroyed by the US Department of Treasury as a part of their safety procedure so that your credit card details remain confidential.

Where can you file the form, and what is the next step?

You need to mail the form i-140 to the appropriate address mentioned in the lockbox section of the form you are about to submit. You can send the forms Visa FedEx, DHL, or UPS deliveries or through USPS postal service. Make sure to send your forms to the appropriate address to avoid rejection of your application. If you want to get more information about the address where you can mail your  i140 application form,  you can visit the direct filing address for the i-140 section on the USCIS website.

Once your filing is complete, which means that the USCIS receives your application, you will receive a receipt notice as an acknowledgment from the USCIS along with your file number or a case number. Make sure to keep this safe because you will need this to track your application. If you get approval from the USCIS on your application, it will send you an approval notification, and you can move forward with the filing of your green card. 

The various documentation that you need to submit to ensure that your i140 petition is proper: 

Your petition form should be submitted along with the following additional documents to ensure smooth processing of the application:

  • Completed i140 status application form. Make sure to provide all the information accurately and correctly to avoid any delay or rejection in the process.
  • I-140 filing fee of $700 and related documents. If you are paying by credit card, then attach the G-1450 form used for Authorization for Credit Card Transactions on top of the application form. 
  • Your approved labor certificate obtained through PERM (Program Electronic Review Management).
  • Financial statements, federal tax returns, bank account records from your employer or the company’s CFO, or other financial officers as proof of the financial situation. 
  • Experience letters from all of your previous employers. You can include testimonials about your work from your employers, supervisors, or colleagues. 
  • Documents that support your educational qualification and other skills and training like your degree certificate, training certificates, experience letters, other certificates of recognition in a particular field if any, etc. 
i-140 processing time

What is the normal processing time for the i140 Status form ? 

The i-140 processing time can vary depending on the situation. It may take a few months to over a year as well in certain cases. 

The several factors that may impact the i-140 processing time are your priority date or the date when the USCIS receives your application, whether you have filed for i-140 alone or you have done a concurrent filing along with form i-485, applications for EAD or advance parole, etc. 

It may also affect the process if the USCIS has issues verifying your documents and requests additional documents from you as evidence if need be.

It also largely depends on the processing center where your application is sent and how many backlogs they have.  

Is there a way to speed up the processing time for the i-140 application? 

Yes, there is definitely a way to expedite the processing time of your i140 application if you do not want to wait for a long time by opting for ‘premium processing’, however, your visa needs to qualify for this method.

Premium processing offers a faster processing service to the eligible applicants and your visa can be processed in 15 days through this expedited service from USCIS. 

How much does it cost for premium processing?

The premium processing fee for i140 status has been significantly increased from $1445 to $2500 USD. The new fee came into effect on October 19, 2020. However, there are exceptions to this new rule for individuals who belong to the ‘R’ or the ‘H-2B’ category who now will have to pay $1500 USD; the individuals who are applying for the change of status to H4, L2, F, J, M will have to pay not more than $1750 USD. The processing fee for EAD applications will be $150 USD. 

Who is eligible for the premium processing fee? 

If you belong to one of the following visa categories you will be eligible to opt for the expedited processing service:

  • EB-1 visa – If you have extraordinary skills and abilities in your field like an exceptional researcher, scientist or professor, etc.
  • EB-2 visa- If you are a member of a profession with extraordinary skill or possess an advanced degree.
  • EB-3 visa- If you are a skilled worker with some specialized training. 
  • EB1-C- which includes multinational executives or managers.
  • If you are applying for ‘change of status to H4, L2, F, J, M or any other category.
  • You will also be able to opt for the premium visa category if you have applied for an EAD. 

Once your i140 application has been filed, it is evident that you will be anxious to know about the status of your application form in order to move forward with the next course of action. The next section deals with the tracking process or the various steps you can take to track the application. 

How to track your i-140 status of the application:

There are several ways in which you can track your application: online, phone, or by email. Let’s get into the details of each one:

Tracking your application online: 

Case Status i-140

  • Enter the ‘Receipt number’ without any spaces in the input box and click on the ‘check status’ tab. Your receipt number is the 13-digit case number that the USCIS issues you once it receives your visa application package.
  • Please make sure that you enter the case number carefully to get the status update of your application. 
  • You can also create an account or complete the registration process on the USCIS website to receive changes in the status of your application via email.

Tracking your application by phone: 

Another way to track the status of your application is by calling the service representatives on 1 (800) 375-5283. You need to keep your receipt number handy. Simply follow the automated instructions step by step to get an update on your application status. To track application by phone, you have to be very patient as the phone lines may not be available immediately as there may be several other callers queued before you. 

Tracking your application by email: 

You can also inquire about your i-140 application status by sending an email to one of the USCIS service centers. The email addresses of the four service centers are mentioned below:

All-in-all, the processing time and the approval of the i140 status application (Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers) may take a while. In some cases, it takes longer than 6 months as well. However, you need to make sure that you provide all the documents. All the information as requested by the USCIS  needs to be provided too. This is a good way to cut down on any delay in the process. If you do not wish to wait that long, you can choose to proceed with ‘premium processing’ as well. The good thing is, in any case, you can keep yourself updated about the status of the application through the applicant tracking system of the USCIS. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Who can file the i-140 form?

The i140 status form (Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers) is filed by the employers who intend to sponsor the foreign workers who want to work in the United States. To get more details on who is eligible for i-140, please read the very first sections of this article. It is an employment-based visa petition form. 

What is the fee involved in filing the i-140 application?

A processing fee of $700 USD is applicable in filling this form. You can also opt for premium processing if you do not want to wait. The fees for the application of premium processing is $2500 USD. 

Can we file i-485 along with i140?

Yes, you can file both the forms together. This is also known as ‘concurrent filing’. However, the additional documents needed for both forms vary. So be careful while you are working on documenting both the forms so that you do not miss out on anything important.  

Will my i-485 be denied if my i-140 gets rejected?

Yes, if your i-140 form is rejected by the USCIS, the 1-485 will automatically get rejected.

Can we pay the application fees by credit card?

Yes, we can definitely pay the processing pay by credit card issued by a US Bank. In order to make payment by credit card, you need to first fill up the G-1450 form (Authorization for Credit Card Transactions). You need to submit this form along with your i-140 application package. 

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