How Long Does DACA Take to Process?

How Long Does DACA Take to Process?

The most difficult part after applying for DACA renewal happens to be the waiting time. Every DACA recipient keeps eagerly waiting for the work permit to arrive. They are also anxious to find out the response from the USCIS. Initially, the DACA applications took only a few weeks, which was around 4-8 weeks. As of now, the amount of time taken to process the DACA applications takes months. The processing time also depends on how the DACA recipients are applying. If you want your application to be processed sooner and fill it out without any errors, then this article is for you. Read on to find out more about how long does DACA takes to process and how to fill the application properly without any errors.

How Long Does Daca Take to Process


It’s frustrating to know that the renewal you applied for has not been processed yet. Having to wait for months without any change in the status of your application is getting under the skin of many recipients. Even if the recipients have a few errors in their application, they are not notified instantly. They have to go through the entire process yet again and this time, it will take way longer than before.

Some recipients are also worried that if USCIS is taking this long to get the processing done, then many DACA recipients might end up losing their status and jobs. Typically, applying for DACA renewal should be done 5 months in advance before the expiry date. If the application is filed at a later date, then due to the long processing timeline, many are at risk of not only losing their jobs but also their statuses. So, what are the possible reasons that USCIS is taking this long to process DACA renewal applications?

Why Is Daca Taking Too Long 2021?

If you’ve been constantly asking yourself how long does DACA takes to process the renewal applications, then there isn’t an accurate answer for it. Many USCIS officials and spokespeople blame the pandemic for it, as the organization had to reduce the number of working hours, and they also had to keep the health of its employees in check. This led to an increase in the applications and the processing was delayed to a great extent. Many recipients have reported that they ended up losing their jobs as they no longer had a valid work permit. There isn’t any information on how many DACA recipients are going through delays and how many have already lost their status due to the amount of time taken to process the renewal requests.

All the DACA recipients play a major role in forming American history, and now they are in fear of losing their identity or worse, being deported. So, what should you be doing to get things done in proper order? We’ll answer this question shortly…

How to Apply for Daca Renewal Correctly in a Single Attempt?

Find Help From Organizations

It is recommended to have your application filed through an attorney or any other low-cost profit organization that is happy to help the DACA recipients. If you are someone who has never registered a DACA application before, then you do not want to take any chances with your application. Any missing information, wrong information, or errors in applying is a risk that you do not want to think about. It will cost you extra time, effort, and a lot of money.

Apply Early and Collect Your Documents

As many people do not have an idea of how long does DACA takes to process the renewal applications, they end up applying for renewal 2-3 months before the expiry date, thinking the processing will be done quickly. DACA renewal processing is taking way too long nowadays. It is recommended by USCIS to apply for renewal at least 5 months, i.e., 150 days before the expiry of your current work permit status. If you apply before 150 days, USCIS will not process it until it reaches the 150-day timeline. To renew your application, you need the following documents:

  • Form I-821D Application for Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals
  • Form I-765 Application for Employment Authorization also known as Work Permit
  • Completed Form I-765W Worksheet

As always, note that you do not need to submit any additional documents unless you are asked to do so by the USCIS officials. Furthermore, you do not need to send any original documents, i.e., only send the original application forms and copies of other documents. USCIS might also ask for verification from other institutes to find out more about you.

Find the Previous Application Form

Find a copy of the previous DACA application and use it as a mile marker and a procedure that one can follow to help one fill the current application form. If they have completed the DACA renewal process before, then only a copy of the previous application is needed to help you get past any possible errors. In this way, you might even need help from any attorneys or any organization. However, if your case is sensitive, i.e., it involves any frauds, felonies, crimes, etc., it is better to have an attorney by your side.

Download the valid application forms from the USCIS website only. If the latest forms are not used, then your application is rejected in an instant. Only use the official website and do not download it from any other website. Also, note that you do not have the option to file your DACA application online. It can only be written by hand or typed on the computer and then printed to be sent through the mail. For more guidelines, do not forget to check the official USCIS DACA Page.

Now simply fill the application by carefully reading the instructions and using assistance from the previous applications. Check every bit of information displayed on the paper and correct any errors with a correction pen. Always write with a black pen. If you are typing in on the computer then make sure that the fonts are visible.

DACA Application

Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter will help the USCIS official understand your case better in the first 10 minutes. In a cover letter, you must mention a basic overview of all the documents that you have provided, briefly explaining your case. Along with the cover letter, make sure you have the recent passport-size photographs(2x), taken at least a week before applying.

Purchase Money Orders

USCIS isn’t in favor of taking cash or credit card transfers. The only payment mode that is accepted is a money order purchased from the local post office. This money transfer should be $495 which includes both the application fee and the biometric fee. The money order must be made to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Make Photocopies

It is advised to keep a photocopy of all your application forms along with the supporting documents. Also, make photocopies of the money order and store them in a safe place. When packing all your documents together, you can use a paperclip to keep them from falling. Do not staple the documents. You need to arrange the documents in the following order:

  • Money Order for Payment
  • Cover Letter
  • Form G-1145
  • Form I-821D
  • Complete Form I-765
  • Two copies of the passport size photographs
  • A copy of the current employment authorization card also known as work permit
  • Form I-765WS
  • Any supporting documents required for verification

After packing the documents, you should send them to the location mentioned on the USCIS website. Every case is different and based on your case, the service center you send these documents to differs. So make sure to check out the official USCIS website to find the right address to send your package.

For more information on how long does DACA takes to process and the details of the DACA renewal process, check out the USCIS official page.

Find Out How Long Does Daca Take to Process Application Using Status Tracking Tools

Regularly checking your tracking status is necessary if you haven’t the slightest of clues about how long DACA takes to process the application. With an increase in the applications and the reduction in the number of working hours, the processing keeps on delaying. To give the frustrated recipients a wave of relief, USCIS recommends using the DACA renewal status tool which tracks your applications for you. This tracking updates you with the latest action that has been performed on your renewal application.

This tracking tool is available on the official USPS website. To use the status checking tool, one needs to have a receipt number. The receipt number can be of the DACA application and the receipt number for the employee work authorization card. Enter the receipt number on the page and click on check status to view the status of the application.

DACA Renewal Checklist

The checklist of the documents required to submit the DACA renewal application form is given above. Fill in all the documents and mail in the order mentioned above. Also, remember to make copies of all the documents that you are mailing. Here is a list of some of the supporting documents that you might need:

  • Identity Proof: passport, birth certificate(translated), any US govt. ID with your name and photo
  • Proof you came to the US before turning 16: Passport, school records, travel records, hospital records, etc
  • Proof of residing in US after June 15, 2007: Receipts of bills/rent, Employment/school records, Money order receipts, etc
  • Felonies/Crime committed: Police reports, records from courts,

For detailed information on the documents required for filing a DACA application, check out the official USICS website.

What is USCIS?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services are a government organization that helps lawful immigration services to all the immigrants and citizens of the United States. USCIS is an important part of the Department of Homeland Security that plays a major role in providing immigration services, naturalization services, work permits, asylum/refugee statuses, etc. Apart from this, the USCIS also provides Civic Integration to the immigrants, which helps them learn more about the country they are living in. Additionally, this agency is helping all the immigrants who escaped to the USA fearing prosecution, torture, or death threats. They offer many humanitarian programs that promise safety and security to help such individuals. One such humanitarian program is DACA, which is helping many dreamers from being deported.

USCIS is contributing to the renewal requests of many DACA recipients for quite some time now. All thanks to their verification and processing, many dreamers have found a place called home in the United States. Every two years, thousands of DACA recipients mail their applications to The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to receive their work permits. USCIS verifies and processes their requests and grants them a work permit that enables the DACA recipients to study and work in the country. The citizens need to apply for a work permit every two years, 5 months before the expiry date. The only problem that many people have been encountering for the past few years is the amount of time taken to process the renewal applications.

How Long Does Daca Take to Process


Thousands of dreamers are anticipating the answers to how long does DACA take to process a renewal application. An application process that once took 4-6 weeks to complete is now taking months. There isn’t a definite answer to how long does DACA take to process a renewal application, as the processing time depends on an individual’s case. Processing times also depend on how the application is filed and the time taken by the service centers. Based on your case, you might be asked to submit additional forms or additional supporting documents. As the definite timeline is not guaranteed, you just need to be ready with any additional supporting documents and consistently keep an eye out for any new updates on your renewal application.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

How long does it take to get approved for DACA after biometrics?

According to the USCIS, the approval time taken after the biometrics is about 4-8 weeks.

How long does DACA renewal take?

Every service center has a unique timeline to process the renewal application. Approximately, the total time taken to process the applications are 9-12 months.

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