“Case is ready to Be Scheduled” Status

What to do when “Case is Ready to Be Scheduled”

What does the case update “Case is Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview” mean in relation to your application process for the I-485 form and the I-751 form?

“Case is Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview” simply means that the paperwork for the application process of the I-485 form (application for a lawful permanent resident or Green Card)  and the I-751 form (Petitions to Remove Conditions) is complete and has been approved by the USCIS. The USCIS will now move forward to the next step of scheduling an interview with the applicant. 

Processing Times

What is the processing time for scheduling interviews after the update ‘Case is Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview’?

Although this sounds like a great relief, it may take months for the USCIS to actually schedule an interview after the status is updated to ‘case is ready for an interview’. This waiting time varies between different field offices and how many backlogs they have. For some individuals, it may take a few weeks while for some it may take years to schedule an interview.

You will receive the hardcopy of the notice with the interview date on it once the interview is scheduled by USCIS and after the status changes to ‘Interview is scheduled’. It usually takes about two weeks for them to send the invitation for the interview.

Since USCIS will send you the interview confirmation letter by mail, it is very important that you provide them with the correct address in the application form or update your address if there is any change without any delay. 

There have been a few cases where the processing time for scheduling interviews has been significantly less. As an example, Person A from Chicago had sent his application to the USCIS in March and scheduled for a biometrics appointment in April.

Within two months, he/she got a status update saying “Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview” which was pretty fast when compared to the other scenarios where it takes much longer.  Within a week’s time, his interview was scheduled. He received a Green card by the second week of August. 

In another scenario of marriage-based Green Card application, Person B from New York shared his experience in a forum where the entire process from submission of documents to receiving a Green Card took ten months. It took about 6 months for his status to show “Case is ready for interview” and about 3 months to update to “Interview scheduled”.

Who needs to attend the Green Card or the adjustment of the status interview?

In the case of a marriage-based green card application, both the sponsor and the applicant need to attend the interview. In case of other categories of application, only the applicant may need to attend the interview. 

An I-485 interview usually lasts between 15 to 30 minutes. The visa officer will ask you questions related to the form to verify your answers and reconfirm few details if needed.

This is just to make sure that all your answers are authentic and true to their nature. You may also need to explain a few fields in the application in detail if need be. In case of a marriage-based adjustment of status, the officer may ask you questions related to your marriage and your spouse to confirm that your marriage is valid and is not solely for obtaining a green card.

What do we need to complete and submit the I-485 form and what is the documentation needed to file an adjustment of status:

I-485 form needs to be completed with utmost caution because any misinterpretation or wrong entry may cause a delay in the application process. There is a little information that you need to keep handy while filling up the I-485 application form:

  • Your personal details like your current legal name, other names that you have used since you were born, your permanent mailing address and alternate safe mailing address, contact details.
  • Your country of birth and nationality.
  • SSN, US bank account details, and passport details.
  • Type of application (marriage-based/ family-based,employer-based etc.).
  • Details of your immigration history
  • Various addresses where you have lived from the time of your birth.
  • You’re employer details if you are applying through your employer.
  • Detailed information about your parents.
  • Details about your marital history, information about your current marriage, and prior marriages (if applicable).
  • General eligibility details and any information related to your involvement in any criminal activity or court charges and their details also need to be provided with honesty. 

Along with the I-485 form, here are few ‘additional documents’ that you need during the form submission. Here’s a list of those documents:

  • The birth certificate or the passport’s photo identification page contains proof of the nationality of your spouse. 
  • Proving the spouse’s ability to financially provide support for the applicant seeking a green card which would require evidence such as tax return documents, pay stubs,  form I-865 (Affidavit of support). 
  • Two passport-sized photographs as per the USCIS photo guidelines. 
  • I-94 form consisting of your  US travel history. 
  • You’re marriage certificate if you are applying for a marriage-based green card.
  • Employment offer letter along with the salary details, if you are applying through an employer.
  • I-797 approval page hardcopy.
  • Employment Authorization Document (EAD) if you have already received it.
  • Medical examination documents if you have already taken the tests and submitted form I-693.

When you go for the I-485 interview here’s a list of all the documents you will need, in addition to the above:

  • Your passport(s) (both new and the older ones).
  • Your interview appointment notice that you have received from USCIS.
  • Copy of your I-485 and other forms that you have submitted like I-130, I-130A,I-131, I-76, I-864 etc.
  • Copy of your advance parole permit (if you have).

There is definitely a large amount of paperwork involved during the process of your green card application, however, if done diligently following all the guidelines, the process is going to be much smoother. Now, let us get a brief overview of the naturalization process and the waiting time before the actual interview happens. 

Application of Naturalization

What does the status “Case in line for an interview – n400 status” mean? What are the steps that you can take to expedite this process?

“Case in line for interview–n400 status” means that your application has been approved for Naturalization or Citizenship, the background verification is completed and your case has been queued for the interview. On average, it takes about 8 to 12 months for an actual interview to be scheduled for n400 cases because there are several other people waiting for an interview. 

There are few instances where the USCIS may consider expediting the review of your application:

  1. You may be losing out on your Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits if you do not receive citizenship on time provided you have applied for citizenship at least 4 months prior. 
  2. You may face a heavy financial loss in your business because of not receiving citizenship sooner. 
  3. If a request is raised by any government agency like the Department of Defence, Homeland Security, or any other that the individual needs to become a citizen soon on national grounds (though this kind of situation is not very commonly seen). 
  4. The USCIS may also review your second application on an expedited basis if the first application has been rejected by mistake and you are at no fault.

All of the above processes and scenarios clearly indicate that the waiting time between the status updates is variable and is largely dependent on how many cases are pending ahead of yours.

Waiting for News induces Anxiety

You might be a little anxious during this time, however, it is best advised to deal with the situation with patience. 

Does “Case is Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview” mean all my documents have been approved?

Yes, “Case is Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview” means that all your documents have been approved and your case is in the queue for interview scheduling. 

How much time does it take for the actual interview to happen? 

The time for the status to change to “Interview scheduled” completely depends on how many applicants are already there in the queue before you. This can vary between different field offices and cities. 

Who is eligible for the interview waiver program?

USCIS waives interviews for individuals depending on the case. There’s a list of categories that may fall under this program. To know more please visit the official USCIS website. 

Does the employer who signs the affidavit of support have to be a US citizen or a permanent resident?

No, not necessarily. The employer doesn’t have to be a US Citizen or an LPR. If you are applying for a family-based or marriage-based Green Card, the sponsor has to be a US Citizen or an LPR. 

Can the application of I-485 be rejected?

Any violation of immigration laws, criminal records, misinterpretation of information in the application form, illegal entry to the US, and missing documents can lead to rejection of adjustment of status application. 

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