“Card was Mailed to Me”

“Card was Mailed to Me” tracking Status and its meanings

What does ‘card was mailed to me’ mean with respect to EAD status?

When you receive ‘Card was mailed to me’ status, this simply means that all the verification processes and other formalities have been completed by the U.S. Citizenship and immigration services (USCIS) and your EAD or work permit has been dispatched by mail. From this stage, the USPS takes over to complete the next stages of the delivery process. 

Once you see the ‘Card was mailed to me’ status online and USPS has taken it over, it takes about a couple of days for the status to change to ‘card was picked up by USPS’.  You will also get the tracking number along with this status. In case you do not find a tracking number along with this status, you can contact them and ask for it. 

Recent news ties in with this information stating that US Lawmakers are scheduled to vote on a bill that would remove Country-Caps on the Green Card. Click on the link below to find more. This bill has currently passed the House and is awaiting conference in the Senate. 

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Can we track the EAD or Green card status?

Yes, we can! These days everything can be done digitally which is kind of a relief, isn’t it? There are different ways you can track the status of your Employment Authorization Document (EAD):

  1. Visit the USCIS website to apply directly, follow the instructions listed below.
    • You can visit the USCIS website directly by clicking the link here. You will get a sign-up option on the top left-hand side right below the USCIS logo. Click on the sign-up tab. You will be directed to the page which will prompt you to enter your email address and confirm your email address. Once you are done click on the sign-up button and follow the simple steps. 
    • Sign in with your credentials and track your status. 
    • You can also click on the link above, enter your receipt number and track your card status by clicking on the ‘Check Status’ button without signing up and creating an account. 
    • However, a complete sign up will be really helpful later as the USPS sends you the EAD card tracking via mail, you can also find the USPS tracking number if you have an account. You can also receive text messages about the status updates if you have an account set up.
  2. Once the card has been sent from the USCIS card production facility and you have received the ‘Card was mailed to me’ status on the website or the App, the next step will be taken over by the USPS. You can receive status updates through their specialized tool called ‘Informed Delivery by USPS’ tool.  
    • Once you click on their ‘Informed Delivery’ tool, you will see the option ‘ Signup’ for free.
    • You will be directed to the address verification page. You need to fill all the tabs unless mentioned as optional (OPT). 
    • Fill in your street address, city, state, pin code, zip code, etc. as asked and click on ‘Continue’.
    • You will be redirected to the next page which is divided into four parts. 
      1. The first part needs your username, password. You will also be required to retype the Password.  
      2. In the second segment, you will need to select your security questions. This step helps you to retrieve your account in case you forget your password. 
      3. The third segment is ‘add your contact information’. In this, you need to enter your name, last name, email address, re-type email address, and phone numbers. 
      4. In the fourth segment, you need to check the options ‘USPS’ and ‘From USPS partners’ in order to receive communication and updates from them. 
    • Once this is done click on the ‘continue’ tab. 
    • You will be directed to the last stage. Fill in the details after which your account is ready to go. 
    • You need to sign in using your USPS number.
  3. You can also call the USCIS customer service center number 1-800-375-5283. Do this to track your case ID/number and obtain the latest brief on your EAD or Green Card delivery. However, this can be done only after 2 weeks from the day you receive the Notice of Approval. Once you get the tracking number from USCIS, you can go to the USPS website and track your package from there.
  4. You can also check your Employment authorization or Green Card status by emailing the processing authorities. Here are few process centers where you get more details:
Tracking your deliveries - Card Was Mailed to Me
The Informed Delivery Tool helps you get the status of your EAD delivery but also assists you in managing your delivery time, dispatch details, change of addresses in case you have a new address, and other important delivery related alerts. Please note that in case your USPS tracking tool shows the status as delivered and you haven’t still received the package, please contact the local post office immediately without any delay. 

Delays in EAD or Green Card delivery process

Most of the time the entire process takes about 2- 7 months before the actual card gets delivered to your address, there could be further delays in the process if there is a problem in verifying your information, or if there is a natural calamity because of which the delivery process has slowed down or the mail delivery representative could not find your address. Therefore, it is very important to provide accurate information from the applicant’s side, right from the beginning, or update them on time if there are any changes.  

Now that you know what to do and where to go to track your EAD card tracking delivery status, let’s get to know more about what are the important things to consider during the application process.

About EAD and its importance in the United States

EAD or the Employment Authorization Document is provided by the USCIS to the individuals giving them authorization to work in accordance with the codes in the country. This document is issued to non-citizens who plan to work in the US. This permit is usually valid for one year and can be offered an extension depending on the situation. With the help of a valid permit, one can also receive a social security number. 

EAD can be of two types: 

  • Initial EAD
  • Renewal EAD.

Documents needed when applying for an EAD

  • A copy of your passport and other travel documents.
  • A copy of your I-94 form (can be the printout of an electronic copy). I-94 is applicable to everyone entering the US for the first time.
  • A copy of a government-issued identity document if you are applying for a “work permit” for the first time.
  • If you already have an expired EAD, then you will need the details of the same.

How to apply for EAD/ Green card and what is the i-765 form

To obtain an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) you need to submit the I-765 form available on the USCIS website. It is located under the title “Forms and Document Download”. The instructions related to filling up the form are also available under the same title. It takes about 110 to 120 days to receive your EAD card in hand after the entire processing is completed. 

If your Employment authorization card needs to be replaced for reasons like the card is missing or has the wrong information in it, Submit a fresh i-765 form along with a filing fee (if applicable) and other documents as requested.

What is the i- 485 form?

i-485 form is the form required to fill up in order to obtain LPR or lawful Permanent resident status.

You can access the i-485 form by clicking this link

So, folks hopefully this information is helpful and answers most of your questions with respect to EAD  and “card was mailed to me” status. I have also provided some FAQs below, check them out.

What is the I-485 form?
What to do if my address changes while my EAD is still processing?

If you have a new or changed address while your EAD card is in the process. Your EAD card tracking status will help you situate your current position. Make sure to go to the USPS website and update your address with any delay. This will help in the smooth and on-time delivery of your EAD card.

Can anyone else collect EAD on my behalf?

Yes, someone else can receive your EAD on your behalf. If you are not available at home most of the time, you can appoint someone to collect it. You need to fill up the ‘Standby Delivery Order’ by USPS and your document can be received and signed by the person you have authorized. 

What are the different kinds of EAD status?

There are different stages of the EAD application process by USCIS like ‘received your form I 765’, ‘approved your Form I-765’, ‘a new card is being produced’ and finally ‘card was mailed to you’. After this stage, you can track everything online by using your tracking number. 

Is EAD and Green Card the same?

No, both are different. While EAD authorizes non-immigrants to legally work in the US, Green Card is the permanent resident card that allows you to permanently live in the US. Also, while Green Card holders can move freely in and of the country, EAD holders have to file for travel documents to travel out of the country. 

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