New Card is Being Produced

New Card is Being Produced

Contents1 “New Card Is Being Produced” Case Status1.0.1 What is an EAD and how to apply for it?1.1 The step-by-step process of applying for a … Read more

"Card was Mailed to me"

“Card was Mailed to Me”

Contents1 “Card was Mailed to Me” tracking Status and its meanings1.1 What does ‘card was mailed to me’ mean with respect to EAD status?1.2 Can … Read more

Native Alphabet

Full Name In Native Alphabet

Contents1 Immigration Forms and “Full name in Native Language”1.0.1 What does ‘full name in Native Alphabet’ mean?1.0.2 Use of Native Alphabet in Immigration Forms :1.0.3 … Read more

Travel Document Number

Travel Document Number

Contents1 Understanding Travel Document Numbers1.0.1 What is a Travel Document Number?1.0.2 Importance of Travel Document Number1.0.3 Is there a specific format for a travel document … Read more

Passport Book Number

Contents1 All you need to know about the Passport Book Number1.0.1 What is the Passport Book Number?1.0.2 Where is my Passport Book Number on the … Read more