Passport Place of Issue

Passport – Place of Issue

Contents1 Passport Issuing Authority2 What does the field “Passport – Place of Issue/Issuing Authority” mean? 2.1 “Issuing Authority” for Foreign Nationals2.2 Who is authorized to issue … Read more

USCIS Account Number

Contents1 What is the USCIS Account Number? Where can you find it on an online application?1.0.1 Where can you find it if an applicant has … Read more

L2 Visa Dependents

What is the L2 Visa?

Contents1 L2 Visa and Dependents1.1 What is the L2 Visa and who is it applicable for?1.1.1 How much processing time does it take to get … Read more

Countries and Domiciles

Country of Domicile

Contents1 Your Country of Domicile and Nationality1.0.1 Not to be confused with…1.1 The relevance of the term ‘Country of Domicile’ with respect to I-864 form:1.1.1 … Read more


Have you been Ten printed?

Contents1 Ten-Printing When you Visit the US1.1 What does ten-printing mean? Have you been ten printed? 1.2 What is an OFC Centre and why are these … Read more